The Japanese Art of Impermanence -Living in the Zen Universe.

Wabi-Sabi as reflected in our environment, Art and design activities.

Wabi-sabi is an appreciation of natural forms and materials, which can convey the passing of time; impermanence, the sweet and sour of existence; wear and tear with dignity. Simplicity of form and construction; low entropy; environmentally friendly, sparing and non-toxic. Re-using, recycling, non-consuming where possible.

Wabi-Sabi - Originally a term that conveyed the essential mood of the traditional Japanese (Zen) tea ceremony; it has since gathered broader connotations and applications. However in short,"Wabi-Sabi" is anti-classical in the western sense, and carries some of the existential "angst" of western philosophy in its awareness of desolation and solitude; transition and the contextual uniqueness of moments in time.

The stoic acceptance, a stance if you like of this awareness and its incorporation into a broader aesthetic of "beauty" and function sets " Wabi-Sabi" apart from the modernist tradition of chrome, steel, plastic and screaming finishes.

A Collection of Wabi-sabi images - photographs and artworks copyright: Michael and Maureen Travers.

Wabi-sabi in our natural environment. Wabi-sabi in buildings and spaces. Wabi-sabi in Art and Design. Further reading, comments and contact: Artists.

Wabi-sabi in our natural environment.

 Tree Wizard  Boulders-Coast  Wind erosion  Sunset-Lund Tree in W. Coast Mist.

 Leaf and straw Goldfish Shadow and ground.  shadow pattern Waterfall

Vine branches Death Valley mission fountain Longbeach. BC twisted tree-mission  Dead Heads Driftwood Dutchcreek BC Fog Tofino Hoodoos More Hoodoos Lund. BC Sea grass Sea Weed Sunset-Calgary Tide-Longbeach BC Protected tree. Santa Barbara.

Close encounters Clouds - Calgary Tree-Lundbreck.AB

Wabi-sabi in buildings and spaces.

Capistrano Mission Mission steps Mission bench Door. Santa Barbara. Gate-New Denver Solarium/Riondel (recycled materials)

Japanese Garden New Denver. BC. Bathmat in Pool Driftwood gate/Riondel Signs-Edmonton Buster's Cabin, AB.

Wabi-sabi in Art and Design.

Three dimensional work,collages, and drawings.

Cry me a river Big Bird wood and stone Bird-driftwood Meadow rock Sentry-found wood Found planter

Kasbah - Collage Alterego - Collage Chimera - Collage  Cheeky One - Collage. Modern Miss Birth of Venus -collage and pastel Dwyer House, Cowley.AB Lindisfaharne-recycled glass

Further reading:

Wabi Sabi - Leonard Koren - Stone Bridge Press.
Wabi-Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence- Andrew Juniper - Tuttle Publishing.

If you have any wabi-sabi images that you would like us to include on this site or comments, please send them to: Artists Michael and Maureen Travers at wabisabi@netidea.com.