The Sisters of Colombo.

Historical background.

Founding the Sisters of Colombo. Twenty years after the the men of Italian descent founded the Colombo Lodge in Trail, the women who had always taken a very active role in supporting the lodge's functions and assisted in catering, meetings, visiting the sick and elderly and special events were encouraged by the enlightened Domenic Daloise The President of the colombo Lodge in 1924 to form their own 'Sorelle', along the same organizational lines as the men's lodge.

The membership was mainly drawn from the wives of members, but any sister, daughter or female relative of Italian descent could become a member.

They shared the hall with the men for all of the activities, held their own banquets and fund-raisers.

By founding the Sisters of Colombo, as an autonomous organization, the sorelle now carried out their own benevolent activities within the Italian community. Organising compassionate visits to the elderly and sick, assisting with births, weddings and funerals and taking a larger role in the organization of children's social and educational events. Today, membership is open to any female who is of Italian descent, or related by birth, marriage or adoption to a person of Italian descent. The Sorelle members in modern times take an active role not only within the Italian community but are also involved in all matters of the community at large. Any person interested in joining can contact the Colombo Lodge in Trail for more information. The Sisters of Colombo are involved in many activities.

Presidents of Sorelle

1924-26 Bianca Barichello

1927 Elvira Muzzin

1928-29 Carolina Georgetti

1930 Lucia Agazzi. Maria Colombo

1931-32 Francesca Ludovicci

1933 Carolina Georgetti

1934-35 Felicita Vannucchi

1936-38 Maria Colombo

1939-40 Erminia Sammartino

1941 Maria Colombo

1942-44 Felicita Vannucchi

1945-48 Erminia Sammartino

1949-50 Ada Tognotti

1951-53 Elsa Della Mattia

1954-56 Erminia Sammartino

1957-61 Rose Bertuzzi

1962-64 Emma Freschi

1965-66 Eni d'Aquino

1967-72 Victoria Bisaro

1973- 76 Flora Fabbro

1977-80 Lydia lrcandia

1981-82 Teresa Moro

1983-85 Doreen Meschi

1986-88 Anne Gagliani

1989 Lydia lrcandia

1990-92 Mona Unti

1993-95 Vivian Johnson

1996-99 Loriana Gilchrist

2000-02 Norma Page

2003-05 Donna Cargnelli