The building of the present Colombo Lodge on Rossland Avenue.

The Present Lodge on Rossland Avenue.- Trail

Historical background.

The first Colombo Lodge formed back in 1905 had thirty five founding members, many of whom went on to become leaders in the community.

They had joined together to assist their fellow countrymen and families to survive in the 'New World' which by no means was a welcoming world.

But not only did they survive, the mutual benevolent society helped the Italian community flourish.

By the time the Colombo Lodge was celebrating it's twenty fifth anniversary in 1930, a new generation had grown into adults becoming the first Italian-Canadians.

They were now joined by a second wave of immigrants from the 'Old Country' most of them arriving after the first world war.

The membership of the Lodge had grown to 435. To accomodate the growing membership, a new lodge brick lodge was built in the 'heart' of 'The Gulch' which had become the residential, social and business centre of the 'Italian' Community.

Two of the original founding members (see red squares - below) and families of the founding members (see green squares - below) were present for the momentous occasion.

They were joined by a new generation of Italian-Canadian community leaders that emerged from the group. At the time of the celebration Bruno LeRose, President of the Lodge was voted in as an Alderman of The City of Trail and holds the esteemed title of 'First Canadian Mayor of Italian Descent'.

The celebrations included many activities that we now associate with 'traditions' of the lodge, parades, music dancing and sumptious banquets prepared by many of the members' wives, sisters and daughters.

Under the encouragement of the enlightened mover and shaker Domenic Daloise the president of the lodge in 1924, eighty seven of the ladies formed their own benevolent society, along the same constitutional lines of the men's Colombo Lodge.

The following list has been compiled by The Centenial Committee, the photo to which the list refers is in Colombo Lodge archives. The Centennial Booklet is available from Colombo Lodge members. The Colombo Lodge membership list as it was in 1930.

Hidden Treasures of the Archives.

The Colombo Lodge Archives.- Rossland Avenue, Trail